Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Beer Round-Up #4: New Belgium Somersault

Unfortunately, one of the nation's largest craft brewers does not distribute here in Massachusetts. Fortunately, I was visiting the West Coast and was able to sample a number of their beers including their summer seasonal.

I've talked to many expatriated individuals who are shocked to find that New Belgium Brewing does not distribute beer in New England and that their beloved Fat Tire cannot be found anywhere in Massachusetts. With the news that a second brewery is to be built in Asheville, North Carolina, I've no doubt that we'll soon see their beers gracing our shelves, but with the projected completion date sometime in 2015 we still have a few years to wait.

That's why on a recent trip to the West Coast, amidst sipping as many California beers as I could get my hands on, I drank plenty of beer from Ft. Collins, Colorado. Wading my way through their portfolio, I ultimately stumbled upon their summer seasonal. Somersault is a light and refreshing ale brewed with a base of 2-row pale malt and a touch of oats. The addition of apricot lends a tartness to the beer and a hint of ginger adds a mild spiciness that compliments the slightly citrusy centennial hops.

While on the road, where and when I can get it, New Belgium Brewing is a sure bet. I know that for some people who can get this beer any day of the week this may seem like a boring choice, but the beer is good! So I drink it, and you should too.

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